30 Apr 2021 - 10 May 2021

E.L.K // Canberra Street Theatre


Acclaimed artist E.L.K [Luke Cornish] recently unveiled a large-scale stencil commission for Canberra’s Street Theatre. With a brief that requested an answer to “why theatre?” through the lens of the arts sector during last year’s pandemic, the artist created this powerful work:


The brief asked for a commentary on the experience of theatre, as well as the arts as a sector, and the significance of creativity in our daily lives. Featuring a masked figure holding a skull, the mural is an enigmatic reflection of a moment in time. E.L.K adds:

“If you look closely, the Mandala tells the story, while shining light onto the figure, which represents impermanence, symbolic of the colour that art injects into the greyscale of existence. “In the end, we all come to this; life is both a tragedy and a comedy. We’re in it together.”


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