29 Jun 2021 - 6 Jul 2021

Wendy Murray // This time it’s Sydney…

Bay St Depot: Day 3

“Sydney vibe today; Bay Street Depot… with closed roller doors. Rain, lockdown, & no parking”

Wendy Murray

Here we go again. To mark the occasion, inSIGHT Lab brings you a new series of Quarantine images from the incredible Wendy Murray, who is this time locked down in Sydney. At least she can be outside, albeit briefly. Autumn leaves slide on rain-slicked pavements, the horizon is grey, it’s all locked down.

Day 4

“I usually only buy take out coffee ☕️☕️ once or twice a week… on a Saturday or special occasion… But the restaurant next door is awesome… & the lockdown means they can only do take out. So I’m getting a coffee every morning. There are still heaps of leaves on the ground… it’s raining (again)… & my shoes are wet (again).” #drawing#GadigalLand#lockdownDay4

The artist

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