4 May 2021 - 9 May 2021

Vashti Hughes + Diane Busuttil // Fishy Stories


Vashti Hughes has owned the Sydney stage for the last 20 years as a writer, performer and producer with a strong background in theatre. From Six Quick Chicks to her legendary portrayal of Kings-Cross razor queen, Kate Leigh, it will come as no surprise that, in collaboration with acclaimed dancer, choreographer, producer and director Diane Busuttil, the fishy stories of Iron Cove are growing legs…

These are the stories of Italian migrants to this area, and their affection for the harbour and the bounty it offers. “Joe” is swathed in accent, his native Sicilia left behind but never forgotten, gesticulated into the present with every ribald tall tale. The fish of his memories flip and dance for the crowd in time to the accordion that accompanies them.

This is performative storytelling at its best, the memory of the knees-up at the Apia Club, and its role as cupid within this tight-knit community blossoming into new life with Joe’s recollection.

Sunday 9 May 2-2.30pm & 4pm Fishy Tales showcase performance @Peace Park

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