25 Feb 2022 - 6 Mar 2022

The Dead House // Sydney Fringe Sideshow

Listen as seminal audio artist and eclectic thinker Dan Conway narrates THE DEAD HOUSE, an audio work written by H Morgan-Harris.

The Coroner’s Court exists in a state of liminality, midway between the worlds of the living and the dead, between terra firma and the sea that laps at its fringes, between cultural lore and the law of the land, and HUE + CRY is an artistic exploration of this threshold. As a cradle for the memories of the dead and the people who tended to them, this space is wreathed in ghosts and echoing with story.

Running from February 25 to March 6, Sydney Fringe Sideshow is a nine-night extravaganza of comedy, theatre, music, dance, projection and installation works live across three heritage venues on George Street, The Rocks, and Tortuga Studios is providing the visual imprint to this stellar lineup.

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