30 Jun 2021 - 5 Jul 2021

Lu Campbell Smith // Where to Now?

Where to now from here is a theme Lu Campbell Smith has worked with in a series of artworks as a question and a statement. The future seems impossible as does the present, caught between the beautiful and unrelenting sky with its glowing clouds and bright sunset, or under the glow of bright streetlights in the night it seems to be trying to get to the next place, constantly out of reach.

“The moments of vision and mirage of the horizon, of the distance closed, met with the ones keeping on, driving on, howling at the sky and holding the moments when you can”

The artist

When Steve Woods of Arcade Screenprinting – now Imprinter – ran a competition in 2020 for T-shirts in reaction of the times of late 2019 and the COVID pandemic, Lu returned to this seminal phrase and to a picture of her partner’s EK Holden, creating a piece that is now reflected through a body of work:

The EK goes fast and yet nowhere, static and moving through the words ‘Where to now… ‘ It has become symbolic of the times.

Made at Print Club, hosted by Steve at Imprinter, Print Club is “about making and growing and working on your designs and art, using the DIY screenprinting set – the Woody – it’s been a saviour over the last few weeks. Wednesday nights have a purpose, and I get to learn about the translation of drawing onto the screen and the creation of T-shirts, posters and postcards…”

The effect, is a body of work that has a powerful message, but created in a number of mediums, from oils to acetate and beyond.

Imprinter is the newest iteration of screenprinting legend Steve Woods of Arcade Screenprinting in St Peters. Get in touch to find out more: @imprinter

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