24 Apr 2021 - 9 May 2021

Christie Torrington // Fungi x Botanica

As part of the current Fungi x Botanica exhibition at the Royal Botanic Gardens @rbgsydney – an exhibition unearthing the intriguing world of Art x Science – Christie Torrington’s Symbiosis series explores notions of scale and interrogates how we as humans perceive our own space within the natural world. 

Her tiny worlds depict ghostlike blushes of fungi, lichen and microbes that evoke a sense of being in between spaces. They are a reminder of the uneasy balance between humanity and nature, of the tension between the barren and the bountiful. New worlds emerge from fractured geological and microbial forms, which float like meteoric islands in the void. We are reminded of the future potential of our own destruction, the remnants of civilisation, floating in the ether, hovering in the meaninglessness of space.

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