4 Jun 2021 - 5 Jun 2021

Alli Sebastian Wolf // Meet the Glitoris

Everything you never knew you always wanted to know about the clitoris…

Alli Sebastian Wolf created The Glitoris, a giant sparkling 100:1 scale anatomical model of a clitoris in 2017. Unsurprisingly, it went viral, shared hundreds of thousands of times in many languages around the world, as well as being royally ushered on stage at Amanda Palmer’s Sydney concert complete with roving performers The Clitorati…

This groundbreaking work has been included in academic texts and countless news articles worldwide, which is indicative of our desire as humans to know more about this secretive organ. It is, after all, the only organ in the body that exists solely for pleasure, a point that has ironically been left neglected by science and romantic partners alike.

And now, courtesy of Brand X, you too can meet The Glitoris, and the artist who created it. This one-weekend extravaganza – part comedy/ infotainment/ cabaret show – details the passions, struggles and pleasures of our most misunderstood body part. Billed as “a show for anyone with, or who cares about anyone with, a clitoris”, it does come with a content warning… for graphic imagery and “an unjustifiable amount of sequins”, but we urge you to book in and get better acquainted with humanity’s little-recognised “pleasure playground”.

  • MEET THE GLITORIS // The Flying Nun by Brand X, 34-40 Burton St, Darlinghurst
    Friday 4 June @ 8pm
    Saturday 5 June @ 8pm

    Tickets available for $25

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