EDGE // 2022

EDGE Sydenham 2022 sees much of 2021’s programme revisited… but bigger and better. Here’s a glimpse of what countless inner west creatives have been working on:

Tortuga Studios has a large-scale installation event in production for EDGE 2022, with numerous artists creating works for GLITCH: A Playground of the Apocalypse including industrial sculptors, multimedia artists, sound artists, light artists, projection artists and more.

“Weighted girders and riveted steel arc upwards into a night sky, organic shapes cast in rusted metal. Giant logs burn in iron cradles slung from the formwork branches of a skeletal tree; the crankshaft of a carousel creaks, its horses torn free; a clown careens off a rusted wreck, fear in her eyes; while a wrecking ball clangs on tethered chains.”

Tortuga Studios

After the success of THE FIRE GARDEN for EDGE 2019, Tortuga is recreating a similar world of dark wonder for 2022. Watch this space…

Artist lighting fire pods with flamethrower